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Boy Who Received Unique Transplant Goes Home for Holidays

DECEMBER 7, 2004
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Two-year-old Isiah Wright, of Berwyn, Ill., who has spent his entire life in the hospital, goes home for the holidays, 10 months after a pioneering double transplant operation at the University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago.

These are RGB (JPEG) images from a Dec. 7 news conference at the Medical Center.

Isiah_and_Mom -- Isiah is the first child in the United States to undergo a successful living-donor liver and small bowel transplant from the same donor. His mother, Vanessa Munoz, donated a segment of her liver and a segment of her small bowel in sequential surgeries. [Photo credit: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC]

Isiah and Mom thumbnail image

High Resolution 300 dpi JPEG, (1354W x 1800H), 360KB

Isiah_and_Surgeon -- Dr. Enrico Benedetti, associate professor of surgery at UIC and division chief of transplantation surgery, led the team that last February transplanted one-fourth of Isiah's mother's liver, and, one week later, one-third of her small intestine into Isiah. [Photo credit: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC]

Isiah and Surgeon thumbnail image

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