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Using the UIC News Bureau

University of Illinois at Chicago Office of Public Affairs (MC 288)
601 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607-7113, (312) 996-3456,

The UIC News Bureau

The News Bureau seeks to inform the public about the activities and accomplishments of faculty, staff and students of UIC. Through the various media, we inform key audiences about UICís strengths in teaching, research, public service and economic development. The News Bureau works closely with national and local news media while ensuring that privacy and disclosure laws affecting students, patients and employees are followed.

The News Bureau seeks to publicize events or activities that are newsworthy to all or most of our key audiences -- current students, prospective students, alumni, Illinois citizens, elected officials, visitors and colleagues from other institutions. News that is of interest primarily to internal audiences may be reported in UICNEWS. The News Bureau generally does not publicize events solely sponsored by student groups, both because of staff constraints and to avoid creating confusion as to what constitutes an official event or activity of a state public university.

Headlines on the UIC homepage are a selection of links to current news releases drawn at random by the server every half hour. Other news releases are archived on the News Bureau Web site, which also includes a topical list of faculty experts for news media.

Working with the News Bureau

Reporters: Contact the News Bureau Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. News Bureau staff are also reachable by pager after hours.

Campus units and researchers: Contact the News Bureau during the earliest planning stages of your event, so that external and internal publicity goals can become part of the plan. If you are publishing or presenting research findings, contact the News Bureau as soon as your paper has been accepted for publication. The News Bureau will help ensure that embargoes are enforced and public release timelines are kept.

An additional internal publicity option is to send an e-mail announcement via massmail. Massmails can be sent by any UIC e-mail user and cost $125-$300. They are restricted to events on campus or sponsored by campus units.

Finally, both the campus Calendar of Events and the campus classifieds listings are free.