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UIC News Release -- Photos

University of Illinois at Chicago Office of Public Affairs (MC 288)
601 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607-7113, (312) 996-3456,

UIC Scientists Provide First Images of HIV in Living Cells

DECEMBER 11, 2002
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Still Images

QuickTime movies

These are RGB (TIFF and JPEG) images of 2 cells that were infected with HIV for about 4 hours. Microtubules are red, nuclei are blue and HIV particles are green.

HIV 2D -- Single focal plane through the middle of the cell. Note microtubules on the edges of the cells are out of focus. Note also that the microtubules are better defined in the single plane image-the HIV particles can be seen clearly in association with the microtubules.

H I V 2 D thumbnail image

High Resolution JPEG, (747 x 800), 213KB
TIF Format (zip file), 9MB

Time-lapse of a living cell that was injected with fluorescent tubulin (red), which incorporated into the microtubule structure of the cell. The nucleus is to the lower left, out of frame. The cell was infected with HIV virus particles (green) labeled with green fluorescent protein for a short time (about 30 minutes). Consequently, the particles are still near the periphery of the cell. Images were taken every minute for 23 minutes. Shows the whole 23-minute movie at 6 frame/second. The cell comes in an out of focus a little.
Higher Resolution (zip file), 5MB

HIV 3D -- 3D, or volume reconstruction of all the focal planes of the cell projected into a single plane. Shows the distribution of HIV throughout the whole cell.

H I V 3 D thumbnail image

High Resolution JPEG, (747 x 800), 245KB
TIF Format (zip file), 7MB


HIV Closeup -- Magnified view of HIV on microtubules near the nuclei of both cells.

H I V closeup thumbnail image

High Resolution JPEG, (800 x 800), 143 KB
TIF Format (zip file), 8MB


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