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UIC News Release -- Photos

University of Illinois at Chicago Office of Public Affairs (MC 288)
601 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607-7113, (312) 996-3456,

UIC Unveils World's Most Powerful MRI for Decoding the Human Brain

SEPTEMBER 21, 2004
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Still Images


single_thought (4X4, 400 dpi):
"Snapshot" of a brain as it thinks a single thought in the course of learning a new task. Subjects were presented with a series of dot patterns and learned through trial and error whether the patterns belonged in category 1 or 2. The colored portions indicate areas of increased neuronal activity: in the frontal eye fields, which control eye movement, the supplementary eye fields, the part of the brain that "plans" the movement of the eyes, and the interparietal sulcus, the region responsible for visuo-spatial processing. The scan captures the moment when the brain "understands" what it is seeing. Brain scans were done on a 3.0-tesla MRI machine made by GE Healthcare.

Note: Other researchers have produced brain scans of thought processes, but theses were all averages of multiple scans completed over a period of time, blurring spatial and temporal details critical to a scientific understanding of how the brain functions.

finger_Mansfield (4X6, 400 dpi):
MRI scan of a finger, published by Nobel laureate Peter Mansfield in the British Journal of Radiology in 1977, when the technology was first developed.

finger_9.4T (4X6, 400 dpi):
MRI scan of a finger during the initial testing of UIC's 9.4-tesla MRI machine recreating the seminal experiment by Peter Mansfield in 1977.

Kiwi (4X4, 400 dpi):
Cross-section of a kiwi, capturing its richly detailed texture and its many septa. This was one of the first test images obtained by UIC's 9.4-tesla MRI machine.

9.4-T device (4.5X7 300 dpi):
UIC's 9.4-tesla magnet, larger than any other human-sized magnet, built by GE Healthcare. PHOTO CREDIT: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC Photo Services

Single_thought (movie):
Movie of a single human thought, as blow flow surges to the areas involved in creating the thought and then recedes. The movie was created as a subject was learning a new task.


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