Diversity Science Minor

The Department offers graduate students an opportunity to develop an expertise in diversity science through research and course work. This minor is designed to provide students with some depth of training in questions of diversity, using both the expertise of faculty in the psychology department, as well as the vast resources available from the broader University of Illinois at Chicago community.

Minor Requirements

Minor requirements are fulfilled upon the completion of four graduate courses on topics relevant to diversity science, beyond courses required by the student’s home division. To propose a Diversity Science Minor, students should prepare a proposal that includes courses they wish to use to fulfill minor requirements. Often students rely on courses outside of the department offerings to complete their minor. For any courses from other departments, students are encouraged to include as part of their proposal an indication that they have contacted the outside department to ensure that they are eligible to enroll in that course (e.g., that the student has the appropriate prerequisites or can have them waived by the instructor), and to confirm that the course will be offered during the period of time the students intend to complete their minor requirements. All minor proposals for the Diversity Science Minor must be approved by the Chair of the Diversity Science Minor (currently Linda Skitka). A full list of possible courses that can be used to fulfill the Diversity Science Minor can be found here.