Get Involved

There are many different ways to get involved in the Chancellor's committee. We are always looking for new people to fulfill important roles and that person could be you.

Become a Member

Every year, the chancellor appoints 14 people as members of the chancellor committee. These people are responsible for the actions of the committee throughout the school year. They vote on funding, are involved in the formation and direction of subcommittees. If you would like to become a member for the next academic year, please contact Judy Heithmar at

Start Something New

Some of our greatest achievements have come from people with new ideas that they thought would be an excellent addition for UIC. Ideas like gender neutral rest rooms and transgender health care all started with one person with a desire to make UIC a more welcoming place to future and current students. If you are that person with a desire and are looking for support or a direction, then join us at our next meeting.