Chicago Community Resources

Statewide/Nat'l Organizations based in Chicago--

     AIDS Hotline                            1-800-AID-AIDS

     American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); HIV/AIDS/Gay Rights
     Roger Baldwin Foundation, 203 N LaSalle St, Suite.1405
     Chicago, IL 60601   fax=312-201-9760    tel=312-201-9740

     Equality Illinois (formerly Illinois Federation for Human Rights)
     3712 N. Broadway, #125
     Chicago, IL  60613
     tel = (773)477-7173; fax = (773)477-6912
     Statewide Toll Free: (888) IFHR-888
     Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

     Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund/Midwest Office
     17 E Monroe, Suite 212, Chicago, IL 60603
     fax=312-641-1921    tel=312-759-8110

     Lesbian &  Gay Bar Assn, PO Box 06498, Chicago, IL 60606-0498
     Also offers a speakers bureau.     tel=312-404-9574

     Lesbian and Gay, Social Work Network NASW-ILL
     180 N Michigan Av, #400, Chicago, IL 60601 tel=312-236-8308

     Nat'l Lesbian &  Gay Journalists Assn, PO Box 11720
     Ontario Sta-Chicago, IL 60611-0720      tel=312-509-5143

Chicago Resources (operating mainly within Chicagoland)


BiNet/Chicago, 4753 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640                       tel=312-275-0186
Chicagoland Bisexual Network
P.O. Box 14385
Chicago, IL 60614-0385
tel = 312-458-0983 
     Chicago Gender Society
     PO Box 578005   
     Chicago, IL  60657

     CPNA: Chicago Professional Networking Association 

     Contact Chicago (any difficulty)        tel=312-644-HELP
Horizons Community Services:
Horizons Help Line  tdd=312-327-HELP   tel=312-929-HELP
     Howard Brown Health Center 

     Chicago Cmssn on Human Relations, Advisory Council on G/L Issues

     Chicago Dept of Public Health, HIV/AIDS Public Policy &  Programs
     2-148 DePaul Center, 333 S State St, Chicago, IL 60604-3972
     rem: events listing  fax=312-747-9663   tel=312-747-9641
Chicago Free Press  (Newspaper)
3714 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60613
tel = (773)325-0005; fax = (773)325-0006
     Cook County Commission on Human Rights (Chicago, Ill)
     tdd=312-443-5255                        tel=312-443-3456

     Cook Cnty.Health Dept/Suburban Health Outreach (SHOUT)
     (HIV info: M-F 08:45-16:15) tdd=708-445-2406 tel=708-445-AIDS

     Chicago Professional Networking Assn (CPNA)
     [mail] PO Box 146368, Lincoln Park-Chicago, IL 60614-6368
     [mtgs] 990 W Fullerton  tel=312-296-CPNA

     Gay Chicago Magazine (news/events/dir), 3121 North Broadway
     Chicago, IL 60657   fax=312-327-0112    tel=312-327-7271

     Gay and Lesbian Physicians of Chicago, PO Box 14864
     Lincoln Park-Chicago, IL 60614-0864     tel=312-670-9630
     speakers bureau and referral service

     Gays and Lesbians in Planning (GALIP/Chicago)
     c/o 445 E Ohio St, #1717
     Chicago, IL 60611-3337                  tel=312-222-9851

     Gerber/Hart G/L Library/Archives, 1127 West Granville Avenue
     Chicago, Illinois 60660-2012
     tel = 773.381.8030 fax 773.381.8033 

     Gay and Lesbian History Month Project, E:

     GLBVA: Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Veterans of America - Chicago 

     Horizons Community Services, 961 W Montana
     Chicago, IL 60614          tel=312-472-6469

     Lakeside Pride Freedom Band 

     National Gay & Lesbian Journalists Association-Chicago Chapter 

     OPALGA: Oak Park Area Lesbian & Gay Association 

     Outlines, Lambda Publications, 1115 W Belmont, Ste.2-D
     Chicago, IL 60657   fax=312-871-7609    tel=312-871-7610
     (weekly newspaper; biannual OUT! resource guide, plus 
     weekly Nighlines, and monthlies Black Lines and En La Vida)

     PFLAG/Chicago: PO Box 11023
     Ontario Station-Chicago, IL 60611-0023  tel=312-472-3079
     PFLAG/North Suburban- Glenview/B'nai JBE tel=708-729-7575
     PFLAG/West Subur'n, PO Box 105, Downers Grove, IL 60516
     PFLAG/Hammond, Indiana/SE Chgoland      tel=219-931-4182

     Windy City Times (Newspaper), 970 W Montana
     Chicago, IL 60614          tel=312-935-1974

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