Homocore Chicago

 For over five years Homocore Chicago has been presenting queer punk shows in the Chicago area. Homocore Chicago was started in1992 by Joanna Brown and Mark Freitas to create a space for queer punks to hang out and listen to live music, mainly queercore and feminist punk. The emphasis has been on creating a space for dykes and fags to be together -- unlike the usual homo hangouts, which tend to be either male or female. The majority of Homocore shows allow under-21 queers, who are not usually allowed at other events. The shows have always been do-it-yourself affairs with proceeds going to pay expenses and the rest of the money going to the bands. Homocore Chicago is part of a worldwide network of punks who share a common culture through magazines, music, mail art, the Internet, live events, and political actions.

Glen Meadmore

  Hailing originally from Winnipeg, Canada, Glen Meadmore is not only the world's greatest exponent of the genre known as gay Christian punk -- he's also the world's tallest. From his early days as a demented techno-diva, Glen has stayed true to his singular musical vision. ombining rural square-dance melodies and inspirational gospel hymns with straight-ahead punk thrash, Glen's music shows his love of hot guys as much as his love of God. Glen's guitar playing is ridiculous, violent, and joyful -- a sublimely beautiful masturbatory fantasy. Off-stage, Glen is polite and soft spoken; on stage, Glen's desire to create controversy and humor by contrasting religious-right traditions with hyper-gay propaganda have even gotten him arrested once in Santa Barbara. Despite this, his grandmother is his biggest fan.

12" Tor-Tea-Ahhhs

  The 12" Tor-Tea-Ahhhs (it all starts with spelling it right) were formed in May of 1996 to combat the boredom and homicidal urges of the three band members, who, at the time, were stuck in high school. They had no instruments, no experience, and no idea what they were doing, but they had soul. Now almost two years and six months later, one of them is out of high school with the other two close behind. They have instruments, experience, and even more soul than they started with.

Their music is a cheesy mix of pop-punk, new wave, and gothy-dance they like to call Dork Punk. It can't be described any other way... "believe us, we've tried." The band members include: Lizzerd, a spazzed-out drummer with a flair for the dramatic. She's the youngest, but don't let her age fool you, she rocks the universe. Mychee is the token boy guitar player. His boy-next-door good looks give the queer boys something to look at while they're on stage. Delyreeum is the bass player, singer, lesbian cheerleader, aspiring Spice Girl, who is more concerned with flirting than anything else, and always has something to say. She doubles as the bands public relations person 'cause she's the charismatic one.

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