Index of GLBT listservs

We have collected information on several electronic mailing lists that might be of interest to you. You may subscribe at no charge to any of these lists. Their mailings will be sent directly to your e-mail box.

Domestic partners (learn about domestic partner benefits)

 Gay Poz (a list for BOTH emotional support AND sharing medical information for Gay men who are HIV positive).

Grapevine (Gay Rights Advocates Providing Education Via Illinois NEtworking)

Great Lakes/Midwest Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual College Network List (a mostly collegiate network of LGBT folks in the Great Lakes/Midwest region -- news and announcements)

* Chi-MOTSS: Chicago Members Of The Same Sex (a Chicago based list of news, announcements, debate and discussion)

 LambdaACOA: GLBT Adult Children of Alcoholics (support for LGBT adults who grew up in alcoholic families)

 Lambda MidWest (network of LGBT folks in the Midwest region -- news and announcements -- includes a bit broader geographic coverage than the Great Lakes list above)

 Lists for lesbians (five lists for lesbians!)

 Nice Jewish Girls (for self-identified Jewish lesbians and bisexual women -- a wideranging, unmoderated, and tolerant discussion of issues of interest to Jewish lesbian and bisexual women)

 OutChicago Announce (a moderated list which conveys information about events and news to the Chicago area LGBT community)

 Preventing hate violence (An Australian-based world wide list looking at preventing hate crimes aginst LGB people)

* PRIDE-L list (THE list fot UIC GLBT students!)

QCHICAGO list (a collegiate list trying to link LGBT students at all Chicago area colleges and universities)

 queerAfrica (African lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transgendered queers and their families, friends and allies)

 transyouth (private mailing list for transvestite, transgendered, transsexual, trans-friendly or questioning individuals of any gender ages 25 and under).

UICGLB-L list University of Illinois at Chicago (currently, the list is mostly faculty and staff ath UIC who want to stay up-to-speed on LGBT issues at UIC. but students and allies and most welcome!).

UI-GLB-L list University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (find out what's happening at our sister school -- you know, the one that always forgets to add Urbana-Champaign to their name-- like there is only one University of Illinois).

 Youth lists (information on three lists for queer youth, age 25 and under)

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Last updated on July 16, 1999