Welcome to the Student Computer Aided Instruction LAB!!


The Student Computer-Aided Instruction Lab of the Department of the Tutorium in Intensive English (TIE) at the University of Illinois at Chicago is located on the first floor of Addams Hall on the east side of the UIC campus. Our services are open to the entire university community. We provide all UIC students with a public computer lab, and all departments and instructors up to four reservable computer classrooms. For our home department we offer Tutorium instructors and their students four electronic classrooms where they can explore, experiment with, and implement all manner of relevant applications.

In addition to our pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, SCAILAB is one of those rare computer labs that allows food and drink, both in its public lab and in its classrooms. (But please clean up!)

The primary role of SCAILAB and its staff is to aid instructors in the discovery of a mode of electronic instruction best suited to their personal pedagogical profile. To that end we provide individualized consulting with regards to your particular course purpose, and technical support during classroom interaction. While we recognize computer technology to be an integral part of contemporary higher education, we also acknowledge the practical and critical complexity of the challenge it poses to instructors as well as the past and present notions of instruction. Thus, our staff welcomes all questions, queries, and doubts pertaining to the use of the many applications provided by SCAILAB and their accommodations to the scope of the instructor's objectives.

We have four electronic classrooms in Addams Hall open to all disciplines, although reservation priority is given to our evening Tutorium classes. Our regular classrooms, room 110 and room 104, are arranged in a perimeter fashion. This layout makes it easier to ensure that all students are following along. Both rooms have an overhead projector that can display what is on the desktop of the instructor's PC. In addition, our large public lab functions as one or two alternate classrooms. (A sliding door is provided to divide the room into two separate rooms as room 109 and room 105.) There are two projectors in these rooms also.

SCAILAB has a large variety of programs available in the open lab and the classroom labs.
Some of the more popular titles include:


  • DIWE (Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment)
    -- Bibliocite
    -- Invent
    -- Respond
    -- InterChange
  • Connected Speech
  • E-mail (telnet and WebMail)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver