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Who Are the Consultants?


Welcome to SCAILABWelcome to the Student Computer-Aided Instruction Lab, otherwise known as SCAILAB. More than a computer facility, it is a community of both faculty and students, and as a consultant you help us achieve the educational mission we have set for SCAILAB. In addition, you make SCAILAB a comfortable, pleasant, and fun place to work. By working here you can learn new software/hardware, get a clearer sense of what it takes to really support technology users, and gain valuable experience in working with and helping a wide variety of people. While on duty as a consultant, you are the most important part of the lab: a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful person to whom confused and occasionally frantic computer users can turn for information and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the consultants, what are they expected to know, when are they available to help me?
Who comes up with these hours anyway?
What if I want to work in SCAILAB during hours that are not listed as open hours?
I need a specific computer for a project, can I reserve it?
What if I need help running a program or just remembering how to log on?
Where can I find a dictionary or thesaurus in SCAILAB?
Who should I talk to if I think there's a problem in SCAILAB or if I am disturbed by a consultant or lab user?
How can I become a SCAILAB consultant?
What benefits are there from being a SCAILAB consultant?
Where can I get a copy of the official SCAILAB rules, policies and procedures?

Just Surfing


While on duty, consultants should:
  • Check the rooms at least every 15 minutes and help users who are having trouble. (Users are more likely to seek help if you walk through the room rather than sitting at your desk.)
  • Check the Consultant Log and your email every time you start consulting. In the log, read backwards until you get to the last time you consulted. You will then be caught up on our current problems. If you run into a problem you can't solve, describe that problem in as much detail as possible and then notify the proper student or faculty administrator (via e-mail and a note in the log book). Note problems that required extra effort, were unusual, or unsolved. Record the number of users each hour on the half hour. Sign the log each time you finish your shift.
  • Supply the printers with paper and toner as needed.
  • Keep sign-up sheets and information bulletins current.
  • Prevent the equipment and supplies from being damaged or stolen.
  • Keep the lab clean--pick up paper on the floor, tidy up around computers and printers.

    Also, while consulting, one or more of the following is also acceptable:

    1. Working on a consultant project.
    2. Learning something about one of the many software/hardware pagess that we make available through SCAILAB.
    3. Look for ways to improve the lab: put your suggestions in the consultant log, in the Suggestions Mailbox, or on the consultant e-mail list ( If you have a suggestion or encounter a problem that everyone should know about, describe the problem and the solution in these two e-places.
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