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SCAILAB - Student Computer Aided Instruction Lab

SKYMOOn is the educational MOO of the Student Computer-Aided Instruction Lab (SCAILAB).

It provides virtual space for discussion, writing projects, and experimentation within the context of text-based learning and exchange. We welcome instructors who wish to expand their teaching repertoire and their students' imaginations through an exploration and creative expansion of the MOOn. We hope the inquiries of other learners can help us revise our understanding of learning both in Real Life and Networked Environments.

Instructors, their classes, and individuals can:

  • Explore
  • Participate in collaborative writing sessions
  • Hold virtual discussions and class sessions
  • Create semester-long projects

Of course, other options abound.

The "settled area" of the MOOn is well-mapped and provides resources enough for the needs of the average user or class, but there is much more that can be built and explored.

If you are interested in exploring, building, or holding a class on the MOOn, e-mail with a character request. We also welcome long-term projects from classes and individuals. If you are interested in obtaining the space or resources that would require, please send a brief proposal along with a description of your needs to