A popular myth about studying abroad is that it is financially out of reach for most students. A more realistic point of view is that if all the costs of tuition and fees, housing, meals, and personal expenses for a semester at UIC are added up (approximately $14,240 for 2010), there is not as wide a gap in cost as one might expect. The average cost for Study Abroad students for Fall 2010 is $14,852, including airfare and all incidental costs. Similar comparisons can be made for short term summer programs. There are also many very substantial scholarships available to Study Abroad students that are not accessible to students studying on campus.

For specific scholarship and cost-offset information, visit our Scholarship Alerts page.

Things to remember about cost of studying abroad:

  • On average, 30% of our Study Abroad students are Pell grant recipients, i.e. among the most in need of financial support.

  • Between Fall 2004 and Summer 2010, over $375,000 in scholarship funding has been awarded to UIC Study Abroad students.

  • Costs will vary depending on the country and type of program. Program costs as posted by the program sponsor are not necessarily what you will pay. Talk to a Study Abroad advisor about built-in cost reductions for UIC students.

  • Your Study Abroad advisor will review your program specific budget with you during an advising appointment. This budget is an estimate of all costs associated with your term abroad, including tuition, room and board, travel, insurance, personal expenses, etc. This budget is also the basis for review of eligibility for financial aid.

  • Students registered by the Study Abroad Office for their term abroad are not charged UIC tuition and fees while abroad on a program in the SAO portfolio. The one exception is Campus Care domestic insurance which will continue to be charged to your account unless you have already opted out of that plan. If applicable, you will need to enroll for international insurance if your study abroad program does not already include this in their program cost. Your Study Abroad advisor can confirm this for you.

  • There is a Study Abroad fee which will be charged to your account when the Study Abroad Office registers you for your term abroad.

  • Students are responsible for paying their specific program fee directly to their program sponsor.

Using Financial Aid for Study Abroad

  • Know the Financial Aid Office requirements click here

  • Once you have selected a specific study abroad program, your SAO advisor will create a budget which can then be taken to the Financial Aid Office. Students should make an appointment with the Study Abroad Office contact in Financial Aid, Theresa Ibarra tander8@uic.edu , to discuss the financial aid package possible for the term abroad.

  • Aid will be disbursed directly into the student's account and students are responsible to use that money to pay their program provider directly. Disbursal timing is based on the student completing all the necessary Financial Aid paperwork on time.

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