Faculty and Study Abroad at UIC

Faculty are key to the sustainable success of study abroad. Perhaps more than any other constituency on campus, they have tremendous influence on students' learning and development of worldview. In addition to their interaction with students in the classroom where we encourage them to promote study abroad as an integrated part of the undergraduate curriculum, faculty also have the opportunity to work with SAO and plan, create, and teach on a study abroad program.

Faculty-led Program Development / Departmental Programs 

Faculty are encouraged to meet with the Study Abroad Office to discuss their ideas for faculty-led programming and/or department supported third party programs. SAO can advise on all non-curricular parts of programs and lay out a timetable and process for contracting with a partner abroad as applicable, outreach and recruitment of students, administrative protocols, etc. Contact the Assistant Director of Study Abroad, Irina Krymova , with any questions, or call (312) 413-7662.

Support for the academic contents of a program are through a formal process which begins when a faculty member submits a proposal for a new program to their department chair and the college for approval. Parts of the proposal are specific to the needs of SAO. Once the department and college have signed off, the proposal comes to SAO. To accommodate the time line to complete Illinois state procurement requirements, the deadline for submission of proposals for summer 2012 is June 30th.

The Proposal Template is linked here .

Program budget and faculty compensation guideline is linked here .

Classroom/Unit Activities

The Study Abroad Office is available to make classroom/unit presentations throughout the year. Presentations can be shaped to meet faculty and student needs, outlining general opportunities, study in a particular country or region, or programs with a thematic or specific disciplinary focus. Normally, presentations range from five to twenty minutes, but can be adjusted to meet the needs of the class schedule. Brief presentations introduce the concept of study abroad and give students a chance to ask questions of an academic advisor who has studied abroad. Longer sessions include interactive exercises designed to help students reflect on meanings of culture and on cross-cultural communication.

Contact Albert Miliauskas to schedule a presentation or call (312) 413-7662.

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