In addition to a 'hands on' experience, internship opportunities abroad are an exceptional way for qualified students to become more involved in local daily life, meet people they otherwise may not come into contact with, and explore alternate ways of resolving problems and/or thinking about issues. In some cases, internships may also give the student an opportunity to make a significant contribution to a local organization through sharing their expertise.  Each partner has contacts with a range of professionals, businesses, non-government organizations for the most relevant placement.  Some common placements have included: small business, large companies, media & communication; language teaching, not-for-profit volunteer organizations, tourism, arts & arts administration, journalism, museums & galleries, social outreach, and theater.

Below are hyperlinks to program partners that offer unpaid internships abroad. All internships are credit bearing through an academic component and are fully integrated into the curriculum of a study abroad program. Some may require a minimum level of local language skill and all require the student to be flexible to local conditions and working norms.

Worldwide: IES Abroad Internships at most program centers

Worldwide: CIEE Internships at most program centers

Australia (Sydney) Internship: CAPA International Education

China and India (Multiple locations): Alliance for Global Education

Czech Republic (Prague): CEA International Internship

France (Aix en Provence): IAU College

Italy (Florence) Internship: CAPA International Education

Spain (Madrid): St. Louis University

UK (London) Internship: CAPA International Education


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