Video Highlights

Below are links to videos about study abroad, diversity, and student experiences.

UIC Students in Oaxaca during summer 2013

Gender Studies In Amsterdam

UIC student Dylon talks about his study abroad experience

UIC students at Siena during summer 2012

This video was made by one of the program participants, Jennifer Tanglao

Highlights from the UIC Faculty-led program in India

UIC students interviewed about their study abroad experience

Breaking Barriers: Non-traditional students Studying Abroad

An innovative and moving video created and produced at San Francisco State University. Students were interviewed before their study abroad and after and give their reflections after their time abroad.

The Power of Study Abroad

An Interview with Wangari Maathai , Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Founder, Green Belt Movement, Trustee Emerita, World Learning.

Educational and Life Impact of Study Abroad

University of Iowa students describe their experiences studying in China, Chile, and Africa.

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