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From the Dean

Health Pro Editorial Note

Students and Community Partners Assess Community Health Needs

Chai Chat: Envisioning Health Education as Empowerment

Educational Outreach-Helping Others to Promote Public Health

Up-to-Date with Technology: Community Health Centers Go On-line

SPH Courses Take to the Internet

Double Degree Programs-Greater than the Sum of Their Parts

The Facts of Life: Knowing Them Can Make a Difference

Asthma Prevention Program Is a Breath of Fresh Air for Chicago Schoolchildren

Medical Advisors: Supporting Corporate Health Care

Strengthening Families: A New Approach to Aiding Refugees

Advancing Policy to Support Health for All

Working Together for Safer Communities

Predicting and Preventing Relationship Violence

Community Outreach: A Vaccine for Violence

AIDS Prevention: A Worldwide Wake-up Call

Prevention Programming for Youth: An Investment in the Future

Upgrading the Tools of Progress

Training Leaders as Catalysts for Change

Institute Promotes Leadership in Public Health

Center Prepares to Explore Health Workforce Needs

A Look at Academic Year 1998-99

Convocation Highlights

Community Connections

Focus on Faculty

Faculty Awards

New Books by Our Faculty

Sponsored Projects

Student News

NIDA Scholars at the School of Public Health

Alumni Notes

A Message from the Advancement Office

1999-2000 Annual Fund Drive

Gifts of Stock: A Wonderful Way to Share Your Appreciation!

Third Loretta Pratt Lacey Scholarship Awarded

William Haenszel Memorial Scholarship Endowment Announced

Honor Roll of Donors

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