As the only accredited school of public health in Illinois, UIC SPH has been exploring ways to make its offerings more widely available to individuals around the state.

The School of Public Health received approval from the Illinois Board of Higher Education on July 7, 1998 to deliver a Masterís in Public Health Program at the College of Medicine in Rockford. Beginning in fall 1999, a cohort of students will be admitted every other year. The program is designed to accommodate health care professionals who wish to pursue an MPH as well as medical students wishing to pursue joint MD/MPH degrees. Courses will be offered in either a traditional in-class format or in an online format by faculty from the Chicago and Rockford campuses. The program, which is administratively housed within the Health Policy and Administration Division, consists of a 35-to-37 credit hour curriculum offered through the Professional Enhancement Program. Students who take approximately two courses per semester, including summer, can expect to complete the program in two years. For further information on the Rockford MPH program, call either Eric Henley, MD, at 815-395-5879 or Michael Glasser at 815-395-5848.

The school is also developing an online certificate program intended to serve persons working in state and local public health agencies who have no formal training in public health. The program will offer the core courses required in the schoolís degree programs in an interactive distance learning format that can be accessed from anywhere within the state of Illinois. One course, "Public Health Concepts and Practice," has already been offered twice on the Internet. Another course, "Principles of Management in Public Health," will follow this fall. "Biostatistics I," "Principles of Epidemiology,"and "Principles of Environmental Health Sciences" will be added in spring 1999, and the sixth course, "Behavioral Sciences in Public Health," will round out the program next summer. Successful completion of the six courses will be recognized by a certificate in public health, and credits may be transferred to one of the schoolís degree programs if the applicant qualifies for admission. The public health certificate program is part of the UI-OnLine/Sloan Health Professions Education Initiative funded through the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. For information, call Babette J. Neuberger, JD, MPH, associate dean for academic affairs, at 312-996-5381.

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