1601 West Taylor Street: future home of the School of Public Health

Centralizing the school was part of the challenge accepted by Dean Susan Scrimshaw when she assumed leadership of the school in 1994. At present, the school is scattered in three buildings, one several miles away from the other two.

After more than three years of searching for a new SPH home, Chancellor David C. Broski officially announced that a building has been acquired for the school. Projected to house a majority of the school’s divisions and centers, the building is located at 1601 West Taylor Street, within the West Campus and the State of Illinois Medical Center District. Not only will the building afford more space for faculty, staff, and students who currently juggle activities among cramped classrooms, offices, and meeting areas, but it will also offer an auditorium, a gym, a garden, and expanded facilities for research, teaching, and conferences. This new site for the school will facilitate collaboration and communication among academic divisions and research centers within the school as well as with other colleges on campus.

A timetable for the move to the new facility will be developed based on completion of structural and renovative work in progress. Present plans project that the School of Public Health will be moved into its new quarters in the year 2000.

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