Kristina Alexander (left), Mekia Winder (center), and Chyvette T. Williams

The School of Public Health hosted two visiting undergraduate students this summer who served as trainees in research methods under the Minority Scholars Program of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The program recruits and matches outstanding students to an existing NIDA-funded research project where they have the opportunity to observe and participate in the ongoing activities of a large-scale research study. Kristina Alexander attends Tennessee State University. Mekia Winder is a student at Delaware State University. Chyvette T. Williams, who is completing her MPH in the Health Policy and Administration Division, served as the trainees' graduate mentor and was responsible for overseeing their research participation and course work at the school. Alexander and Winder joined Maribel Valle, who entered the PhD program in the Community Health Sciences Division in fall 1997 under similar NIDA sponsorship. All three scholars served their traineeships with the Partners in Community Health Project, a NIDA-funded study directed by Dr. Judith Levy that examines HIV partner notification among injecting drug users. The students interviewed clients in the program, conducted outreach with staff based at field stations, worked on data entry and literature searches, and participated in sessions of the school’s Health Career Opportunities Program.

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