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Faculty Fundors (Key to funders appears at end of list.)
Community Health Sciences Division
A Video, Service Assessment, and Evaluation of the West Side Drug Court Burton, D NAC
Adolescent Access to Health Care Blackwell, M UIUC
Building an Effective Public Health Work Force in Illinois Turnock, B HRSA
Case Study of CDC State-based MCH Epidemiology Programs Handler, A ASPH/CDC
Center for Public Health Practice Turnock, B HRSA
Data Enhancement Accountability Leadership in MCH (DEAL MCH) Handler, A MCHB
Evaluation of West Side Healthy Start Handler, A MCHB
Health Professions Schools in Service to the Nation Blackwell, M PCT/CNS/HRSA/UCSF
Illinois Maternal and Child Health Leadership Network Rowitz, L IDPH
Illinois Public Health Leadership Institute Rowitz, L ASPH
Maternal and Child Community Health Science Consortium Sullivan, M MCHB
Maternal and Child Health Information Resource Center Morris, N PHF
Maternal and Child Health Leadership Conference Morris, N MCHB
Maternal and Child Health Training Program Morris, N MCHB
Multilevel Analysis of Functional Health Muramatsu, N CRB
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Division
Cognitive and Gambling EEG as Related to Gambling Addiction Warren, C KF
Graduate Training in Air Pollution Scheff, P USEPA
Indoor Air Quality Study in a Springfield, Illinois School Scheff, P IDPH
Industrial Hygiene Fellowships Wadden, R AIHF
Industrial Hygiene Graduate Fellowship Program Wadden, R USDOE
Intergovernmental Personal Agreement Scheff, P USEPA
NIOSH Educational Resource Center and Research Training Interdisciplinary -Hazardous Substances Academic Training Wadden, R CDC
NIOSH Educational Resource Center and Research Training Interdisciplinary -Industrial Hygiene Training Wadden, R CDC
Office of Pollution Prevention Graduate Internship Program Cailas, M IEPA
Physical and Chemical Characterization of Dental Waste Water Cailas, M HWR
Smoking Deprivation and EPs to Smoking-related Stimuli Warren, C NIDA
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division
Adolescent Asthma Education and Support Groups Persky, V VNA
AFC Case Management Wiebel, W AFC
Chicago Consortium for the Comprehensive Study of Women  Living with HIV Hershow, R HI
CDPH-A Outreach and Case Management Wiebel, W CDPH
CDPH-B Outreach Wiebel, W CDPH
CDPH Quadrants: Harm Reduction Wiebel, W CDPH
CDPH Sex Partner Project Wiebel, W CDPH
CDPH-TB Program Wiebel, W CDPH
Chicago Minority Type I Diabetes Registry Lipton, R NIDDK
Chicago Project for Violence Prevention Slutkin, G CCT/DOJ/JDCTMF/ RHDF/SFF
Chicago School Asthma Project Persky, V OSASMI
Community-based Asthma Intervention in Pregnant Women Persky, V NIEHS
Community-based Head Start Asthma Intervention Project Persky, V OSASMI
Community-based HIV Partner Notification Study Levy, J NIDA
DASA Outreach Wiebel, W DASA
Effect of Soy Protein on Hormone Levels in Men Persky, V CRB
Emergency Shelter Program Wiebel, W UW
Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Aging Research Furner, S NIA
Epidemiology of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Davis, F NCI
Erie Integrated Care Wiebel, W EFHC
Factors Influencing Risk for HIV Transmission in IDUs Wiebel, W CDC
IDPH Mobile Community Outreach Wiebel, W IDPH
IDPH Mobile Community Testing Wiebel, W IDPH
IDPH West Side Outreach Wiebel, W IDPH
Impact of Terminating DA & A SSI/SSDI Benefits Goldstein, P RWJF
Indigenous Outreach among IDUs to Treat and Control TB Hershow, R NHLBI
Indoor Risk Factors for Asthma in Chicago Public Schools Persky, V IDPH
Intergovernmental Personal Agreement Anderson, R HVA
Intergovernmental Personal Agreement Ramakrishnan, V HVA
Male Circumcision and HIV Infection in Uganda Bailey, R CDC
Monozygotic Twins with CFS Goldberg, J UOW
Multi-city Assessment of Termination of the Addiction Disability in the SSI Program Goldstein, P CSAT
National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer Mason, T MHPF
National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer Mason, T MSM
NIDA Minority Summer Internships Levy, J NIDA
NIH Minority Scholars Program Levy, J NIDA
Nutritional Supplementation in Early HIV Infection Hershow, R RPSLMC
Statistical Models for Nested Services Utilization Data Hedeker, D NIMH
Twin Study of Alcohol Vulnerability Goldberg, J HU
Twin Study of the Consequences of Drug Abuse Goldberg, J HU
Health Policy and Administration Division
Academic-Community Partnerships in Public Health Training Telleen, S HRSA
Analysis of Medicaid Family Case Management Telleen, S HRDI
Assessing Health Data Needs in a Changing Environment Simon, C AHCPR
Case Study: Academic-Practice Links in Dental Public Health Hazelkorn, H HRSA
Community-based Primary Care Medical Education Cooksey, J IBHE
Cradle to Classroom Evaluation Telleen, S CPS
Developing Strategies for the Challenges of Everyday Life Albrecht, G NIDRR
Effects of Worksite Smokeless Tobacco-related Behaviors Hazelkorn, H UIUC
Handbook of Disability Studies Albrecht, G NIDRR
Money Management of Individuals with Severe Mental Illness Conrad, K IDHS
School-based Oral Health/Dental Sealant Resource Center Hall, W MCHB
The Influence of Managed Care on the Economics of Physician Group Practice Simon, C HRPC
The Influence of HMO Financial Performance on the Quality of Care Simon, C CRB
Use of Child Health Services by Hispanic Families Telleen, S MCHB
Women with Disabilities Supplement to the Study of Women   Across the Nation Albrecht, G NICHHD
Office of the Dean
Examining the Effects of a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Scrimshaw, S WSHF
Health Careers Opportunity Program Amuwo, S HRSA
Public Health Traineeship Scrimshaw, S HRSA
School of Public Health: Urban Health Program Amuwo, S HRSA
Great Lakes Center for Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
Advanced Research Workshop: "Public Health Consequences of Environmental Pollution" Scheff, P NATOSEA
Educational Resource Center and Research Training Interdisciplinary Hryhorczuk, D CDC/NIOSH
IDPH LaSalle PCB Study Persky, V IDPH
Industrial Hygiene Fellowships Wadden, R AIHF
Michigan Radon Public Awareness Nickels, L MDPH
Radon Training under Midwest Universities Radon Consortium Nickels, L USEPA
Wisconsin Great Lakes Research Program: PCB/Hormone Study Persky, V SW
World Federation of Public Health Associations: Persistent Organic Pollution Project Orris, P WAJF/JAF/HF
Health Research and Policy Centers
A Multi-site Randomized Trial of Team-managed VA Hospital-based Primary Care Hughes, S USDVA
A National Study of Home Care: Providers, Users, Outcomes Peters, K AHCPR
ABAN AYA Training and Support Flay, B GF
Building Your Life Levy, S PBF
Building Your Life Levy, S RF
Causal Processes in Adolescent Alcohol Use Flay, B NIAAA
Chicago African-American Health Behavior Project Flay, B NICHHD
Community Interventions for Cancer Prevention Flay, B NCI
Coordinating Center for Prevention Center Tobacco Control Network Mermelstein, R CDC
Cost of Arthritis and Possible Prevention Interventions in the Elderly Hughes, S AF
Development of Tobacco Prevention and Control Communication Strategies for Youth Balch, G CDC
Dissemination of Effective School Health Programs Levy, S CDC
Efficacy and Safety of Nicorette Mermelstein, R SB
Elderly Needs Assessment Hughes, S AHF
Extension of ABAN AYA Youth Project Flay, B NIDA
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Centers Levy, S CDC
Influence of Social Networks on Use of Prenatal Care Kelley, M CDC
Longitudinal Impact of Exercise on Older Persons with Osteoarthritis Hughes, S CRB
Low Income Women’s Satisfaction with Prenatal Care Handler, A AHCPR
Minority Elderly Health Promotion Center Prohaska, T NIA
Motivating Smoking Cessation among Women in Public Health Clinics Manfredi, C NCI
Postdoctoral Training Program in SAS Prevention Flay, B NIDA
Prevention Center BRFSS Network Johnson, T CDC
Primary Care in Illinois Cooksey, J IDPH
Promoting the Maintenance of Abstinence and Recycling in    Smoking Cessation Mermelstein, R NCI
Public Health Conference Support Grant Program Levy, S CDC
Recycling Attempters and Relapsers in Smoking Cessation Mermelstein, R NHLBI
Satisfaction with and Utilization of Prenatal Care Handler, A MCHB
Secondary Analysis of Substance Use Causal Processes Flay, B NIDA
Skin Cancer Prevention for Children and Adolescents Mermelstein, R NCI
Stages of Tobacco Use Flay, B RWJF
State Immunization Policy Warnecke, R IDPH
Team-managed/Hospital-linked Home Care Hughes, S NIA
The Impact of Environmental Factors on Youth and Young Adult Tobacco Use Chaloupka, F NBER
The Impact of Exercise on Older Persons with Osteoarthritis Hughes, S NIAMS/MAMDC
Transition to Parenthood: Gender Role and Distress Kelley, M IDPH
UIC Cancer Prevention and Control Warnecke, R NCI
UIC Cancer Prevention and Control Research Training Grant Flay, B NCI
Youth Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Surveillance Initiative Chaloupka, F RWJF
Youth Response to Tobacco Control Policies Balch, G CDC
Key to Fundors
AF            Arthritis Foundation
AFC    AIDS Foundation of Chicago
AHCPR    Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
AHF    Augustana/Henze Fund
AIHF    American Industrial Hygiene Foundation
ASPH    Association of Schools of Public Health
CCT    Chicago Community Trust
CDC    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDPH    Chicago Department of Public Health
CNS    Corporation for National Service
CPS     Chicago Public Schools
CRB    Campus Research Board
CSAT    Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
DASA    Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
DOJ             Department of Justice
EFHC    Erie Family Health Center
GF             Gateway Foundation
HF             Homeland Foundation
HI             Hektoen Institute
HRDI    Human Resources Development Institute
HRPC    Health Research and Policy Centers
HRSA    Health Resources and Services Administration
HU             Harvard University
HVA    Hines Veterans Administration
HWR    Hazardous Waste Research
IBHE    Illinois Board of Higher Education
IDHS    Illinois Department of Human Services
IDPH   Illinois Department of Public Health
IEPA    Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
JAF             Jenifer Altman Foundation
JDCTMF  John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
KF           Kairos Foundation
MAMDC  Multipurpose Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disease Center/Northwestern University
MCHB   Maternal and Child Health Bureau
MDPH   Michigan Department of Public Health
MHPF   Minority Health Professions Foundation
MSM   Morehouse School of Medicine
NAC   Northwest Austin Council
NATOSEA North Atlantic Treaty Organization/Scientific and Environmental Affairs
NBER   National Bureau of Economic Research
NCI            National Cancer Institute
NHLBI   National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
NIA            National Institute on Aging
NIAAA   National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
NIAMS   National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
NICHHD   National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
NIDA   National Institute on Drug Abuse
NIDDK   National Institute for the Treatment of Diabetes and Digestion and Kidney Diseases
NIDRR   National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research
NIEHS   National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
NIMH   National Institute of Mental Health
NIOSH   National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
OSASMI   Otho S. A. Sprague Memorial Institute
PCT            The Pew Charitable Trusts
PBF            Polk Brothers Foundation
PHF            Public Health Foundation
RF            Rosenbaum Foundation
RHDF   Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
RPSLMC   Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center
RWJF   The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
SB            SmithKline Beecham
SFF            Smart Family Foundation
SW            State of Wisconsin
UCSF   University of California-San Francisco
UIUC   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
USDOE   U.S. Department of Energy
USDVA   U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
USEPA   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
UOW   University of Washington
UW            United Way
VNA   Visiting Nurse Association
WAJF   W. Alton Jones Foundation
WSHF   Washington Square Health Foundation