Linda St. Germain and a fellow volunteer with one of the animals used
for a pet therapy visitation program
for the sick

Linda St. Germain, MS, a student in the School of Public Healthís Community Health Sciences Division, died in 1989 after a long battle with cancer.

St. Germain received her BSN from DePaul University in 1975 and her MSN from St. Xavier College in 1979. She began her work at the School of Public Health in 1985. Her motivation in pursuing a career in nursing and later expanding into public health reflected her lifelong commitment to helping people, particularly the disadvantaged, in need of health care and services.

St. Germain was concerned that students in public health and public health practitioners should have the tools that would enable them to improve the health of the public. In her honor, the Linda St. Germain Memorial Fund was created to acquire books for the schoolís Reference Center in St. Germainís areas of special interest, mental health and psychiatric epidemiology.

Bernard St. Germain is now carrying his daughterís concern forward into the current technological age. In keeping with wishes shared by his late wife Cecile, he has invested funds to create an endowment that will enable the Reference Center to acquire and upgrade the computer hardware and software it needs to keep abreast of technological developments in public health. Bernard St. Germainís gift in memory of his daughter is a gift to SPH students and their ability to practice public health in the future.

Individuals wishing to contribute to the endowment of this fund are asked to send a check made out to the University of Illinois Foundation with a designation for the Linda St. Germain Memorial Reference Center Technology Fund to the Office of Advancement at the School of Public Health.

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