DrPH Division Requirements

Community Health Sciences

In addition to the general program requirements of the School of Public Health, Community Health Sciences requires the following. Students should also refer to the CHS Student Handbook.

  1. In addition to the SPH core courses, DrPH students are required to take CHSC 501 (Foundations of Public Health Inquiry).
  2. DrPH students must select a major area of concentration in which at least 9 SH credit are completed at the 500-level. Advisor approval is necessary for elective course selection. Students are also expected to take the MPH required courses in their major area unless they have taken comparable courses previously.
  3. In addition, DrPH students must select a collateral area in which at least six semester hours are completed at the 500-level.
  4. DrPH students are recommended to obtain experience in classroom teaching in at least one course for at least some part of a semester. This should occur after the completion of the preliminary examination and is closely monitored by a faculty member with a rank of Assistant Professor or above. DrPH students should refer to the teaching requirements established for PhD students.

Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

Doctoral students should consult with their advisors concerning additional requirements pertaining to their area of concentration.

Health Policy and Administration

No additional requirements.