Medical Students

Surgical Oncology faculty participate in undergraduate medical education including lectures for M-3 students rotating through general surgery, surgical subspecialty clerkship for M-3 students, and elective clerkship rotation for M-4 students. There is a progressive curriculum for M-3 and M-4 students, providing an introduction to the essentials and subtleties of Surgical Oncology. In the clinic(s) and floors, a Socratic method of teaching is being adopted. The major objective of this formalized syllabus is to prepare our students (irrespective of their future career goals) to be able to diagnose and help manage most common solid tumors. In addition, participation in scheduled conferences is part of the learning experience.

Weekly Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Conference (No CME credits)
Participation in Surgical Grand Rounds - CME credit
Participation in Multidisciplinary Sarcoma Conference - CME credit 1 hr
Participation in Tumor Board - CME credit