Patient Care

The Department of Surgical Oncology provides screening, surgical treatment, and coordination of care for cancer patients with solid tumors. These physicians are experts in the detection and treatment of tumors including (though not limited to) melanoma and other skin cancers, sarcoma, tumors of the head and neck, breast, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and perform complex surgical procedures for cancer. A few of the advanced procedures utilized include isolated perfusions, mole-mapping, minimally invasive breast biopsies, and liver ablation.

The center of all outpatient-care activities for the Department of Surgical Oncology is in the Surgery Center of University of Illinois Medical Center’s Outpatient Care Center located at 1801 W. Taylor Street, Room 3F (Northwest corner of Taylor Street and Wood Street). It is here that we screen for cancer and conduct an initial examination and work-up for staging of the disease and plan the patient’s treatment strategy. Minor surgeries and procedures, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and follow-up examinations are performed in this ambulatory care setting. The Surgical Oncology Clinic is staffed by a team of Surgical Oncologists and registered nurses who are certified in oncology nursing (O.C.N.)