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Academic Support Program - Components and Resources


  • Financial Aid: TRIO/ASP recognizes that it is essential for our students to concentrate fully on their studies. Realizing also that operating under great pressure due to financial constraints hinders academic success, TRIO/ASP works in conjunction with the Office of Financial Aid to provide our students with sufficient assistance to continue their education. Additionally, information on employment, paid internships, scholarship and fellowships is made available.
  • Time Management: This workshop takes a hands-on approach allowing students to really analyze how they spend their time and then offers alternatives to maximize their time.
  • Graduate School: This workshop is geared towards upper classmen who are interested in conducting future research and attending graduate school. TRIO/ASP staff partner with other departments, such as the graduate college, McNair and/or SROP to discuss test preparation for graduate school, the application process and introduces you to various resources (departments) around campus to assist you.

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Counseling and Advisement

TRIO/ASP Staff serve as Academic Advisors. Based on individual educational plans developed to assist in long-range planning, advisors provide academic insight as well as personal, financial aid, post-graduate, and career counseling. Additionally, they interpret test data, evaluate credits, and assist in the selection of appropriate courses and curricular sequencing. Serving as a liaison, TRIO/ASP works cooperatively with academic departments to monitor and evaluate student performance on an ongoing basis.

Homework Rountable Session
Students win i-pod at the Homework Rountable Sessions

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Leadership and Cultural Activities

TRIO/ASP recognizes that to be well-rounded, a student needs more than academic support. To meet these needs the program encourages participation in national, regional, and local leadership, social and cultural activities. TRIO/ASP-sponsored activities include plays, exhibits, concerts, lectures, multicultural symposia, departmental functions, conferences and other activities that promote personal growth and development.

students at a leadership conference
Students at a Leadership Conference

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  • Computer Lab: RIO offers a state-of-the-art computer lab that offers free printing to ASP participants.

    TRIO Computer lab
    Students using the TRIO computer lab
  • Text Book Library: An up-to-date collection of books is available for students to check-out during the semester. TRIO/APS participants should inquire about books prior to purchasing books/labs

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