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Personal attention is an integral part of the program. The TRIO/ASP staff is composed of qualified and dynamic administrators who are sensitive to the needs of our students. Professional staff serve as liaisons to the academic departments to advocate for TRIO/ASP students. TRIO staff work diligently to provide academic workshops, social and cultural events for students.

TRIO/ASP Staff serve as Academic Advisors. Based on individual educational plans developed to assist in long-range planning, advisors provide academic insight as well as personal, financial aid, post-graduate, and career counseling. Additionally, they interpret test data, evaluate credits, and assist in the selection of appropriate courses and curricular sequencing. Serving as a liaison, TRIO/ASP works cooperatively with academic departments to monitor and evaluate student performance on an ongoing basis.



“All students can succeed if they give their best, accept nothing less; they will pass the test” - Sharron

I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois and a Master of Arts in Education from St. Xavier University, Chicago, Illinois. I am currently an academic advisor for the UIC TRIO/Academic Support Program. I have a passion for traveling and extensive reading. I assist students with trying to make the best choices for their class schedules, time management, working through financial dilemmas and personal counseling. Our students are given an opportunity to meet and interact with students from different cultures and ethnicities. I believe, “all students can succeed if they give their best, accept nothing less; they will pass the test”.

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Simeko Washington

“Learn to make your UIC Experience work for you” - Simeko Washington

My name is Simeko Washington and I am a UIC Alum. I graduated with a B.S. in Marketing & Finance and a Certificate in Entrepreneurial studies. I then received my Master’s in Urban Planning and Policy, specializing in Community Development. I plan to pursue a Doctorate in Policy Studies in Urban Education. As a student at the university, I focused on my academics, as well as engaged in social & professional organizations, athletics, as a student worker and volunteerism. It was then that I realized the art and importance of networking. I believe that student engagement is crucial to one’s overall success. Please get involved in TRIO/ASP, other student support services and organizations that will help you to maximize your potential! “Learn to make your UIC Experience work for you”

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Victoria Kolkebeck

"Don't wait to ask questions. Get help with your course work before the exams." - Victoria Kolkebeck, Academic Skills Specialist

Difficult course work becomes a bit easier when it is done incrementally. Focus on what needs to be accomplished one step at a time rather than considering the work of an entire semester in one day.

Students seek my assistance with Math and Science courses throughout the semester. More often than not, the students I see who get the best grades do not wait until they have a low grade on an exam before getting help with a tough course. They make their visits a routine that they keep throughout the semester.

I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from DePaul University. I completed my graduate work in Mathematics and Education at UIC. I enjoy meeting new students each semester and keeping up with those I have seen before as they progress at UIC.

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