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Why Mentor? 

Fall Mentoring Meet and Greet

Our Fall Mentoring Meet and Greet was a great success! UIC UHP undergraduate, graduate, and professional students met their mentors and got to spend a while getting to know them and their profession. By the end of lunch, many of our mentors had helped coordinate shadowing opportunities in their clinics of hospitals.

Your community and state gain significant benefits when you take the time to mentor a student. An important part of the Urban Health Program Mission is to improve the educational experience of every UIC underrepresented student. Effective mentoring begins with mentors who have experienced individual programs and UIC itself, and can provide advice and guidance. Talking regularly about research, coursework, and exploring future job opportunities are hallmarks of a good mentoring program.

If you would like to mentor a UIC Urban Health Program Student, please fill out the mentoring application and mail or e-mail it back to the Coordinator for Alumni Relations for the Urban Health Program, Gopi Engineer, at gopi@uic.edu.


Contact the Alumni Relations Coordinator at uicuhp@gmail.com or call at 312-413-9124.

Thank you!