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Circle Campus: 1965-1982, part 3




U I C C football team at the scrimmage line, 1970. At Navy Pier, the football team was called the “Chicago Illini,” but they changed their name to the “Chikas” at Circle Campus. Due to lack of interest and funding, football ended as a UICC sport in 1973. Note the logos reading “IC” (Illinois-Chicago) on their helmets. UIC photo.

Cheerleaders. UICC cheerleaders pose on the upper level walkways in front of the Science and Engineering Offices, 1970.  Photo by George Philosophos.


In 1971, Warren Cheston became Circle’s chancellor and moved the University toward “open admissions,” emphasizing remedial instruction. The faculty rebelled against this new direction. In 1974, they declared that the mission of the institution should be “limited only by its relative youth and by its budget. . . . Insofar as the University has a special mission in Chicago, its mission is to address itself with intellectual rigor to the problems of the urban area which is its home and to encourage the kind of basic research and the development of methodology that a university is uniquely equipped to undertake.” Cheston was soon forced out, which opened the way for the more research oriented faculty and administration to move Circle Campus toward becoming a comprehensive university. Circle’s administration and faculty began to incrementally improve the campus, with a slow but steady increase in admission standards, the development of an evening program, and an expansion of graduate degrees.

In 1979, the University installed a new president, Stanley Ikenberry, who had a vision to strengthen the Chicago campuses. On his first day on the job, Ikenberry started in Urbana, and then flew up to Chicago, where he walked from the Medical Center through the neighborhood to Circle Campus, announcing there his goal of consolidating the University’s two Chicago campuses into one. There was quite a bit of faculty opposition to the idea, and it took almost three years, but the campuses finally merged on September 1, 1982, ending UIC’s “Circle” years with the creation of the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Banners representing all of the colleges on the east and west campuses.

Norman Parker and Warren Cheston. Norman Parker, left, was succeeded as UICC Chancellor in 1971 by Warren Cheston, right.  Cheston resigned under  fire after only four years, calling himself “the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”  UIUC photo.


Stan Ikenberry talking with Don Riddle. Cheston was replaced by Don Riddle, to right, seen talking to U of I President Stan Ikenberry.  UIUC photo.
The banners to the left represent all of the colleges on the east and west campuses following the consolidation of the Medical Center and Circle Campus to form The University of Illinois at Chicago, September 1, 1982.  UIC photo.


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