Admission to the GWS Major

Freshman and Transfer students interested becoming a GWS major must meet the UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences entrance requirements.

Declaration of Major

Declaration of major is encouraged as early as possible and required by the time the student has completed 60 semester hours. Transfer students entering with 60 semester hours or more must declare a major by the end of their first term at UIC. Entering students can declare their major on the admission form provided by OAR; continuing students can declare a major by visiting Allison James, the GWS Academic Advisor in LAS, in 316 University Hall. Information is also available at GWS in 1200 University Hall. Early declaration is encouraged.

GWS Major Forms

Double Major

Many GWS majors have a second major, and students may declare a second major through LAS advising. An additional major will not be approved if the first major and the proposed second major involve similar study or substantial duplication of course work.

Transfer Student

Transfer students in GWS must complete half of their major courses in residence at UIC. Twelve of these hours must be completed at the advanced level. Advanced hours are courses numbered 200 and above. Also, transfer courses accepted in the GWS major must have grade of C or higher.