Graduate Concentration Requirements

Students in approved programs are eligible to complete the Interdepartmental Concentration in Gender and Women's studies. After consulting with their core program advisor, students may apply to the Gender and Women's Studies Program. Students should consult with the GWS Director of Graduate studies about their plan of study upon admission to the program, and may also select an advisor from the GWS Faculty.

Requirements for the Concentration

  • Completion of a minimum of 16 credit hours (typically four semester-long courses), of which two are the required core courses:
    • GWS 501: Feminist Theories
    • GWS 502: Research Approaches in Gender and Women's Studies
  • Up to four hours may be independent study on a topic approved by your GWS advisor.
  • Students are encouraged, but not required, to select a dissertation or thesis topic related to women or gender.

Application Materials