African American Studies and Gender and Women's Studies Colloquium

Prof. Johari Jabir

12th Floor Colloquium

In 2009, Professors John D'Emilio and Johari Jabir organized a "12th Floor Colloquium" that met roughly 6 or 7 times during the year, at the lunch hour in the conference room, to present work from both departments. Presenters included graduate students, postdocs, adjunct or temporary faculty, and tenure-line faculty working in those departments. The goal was to build intellectual community, and those who came to various sessions seemed to enjoy themselves. Professors D'Emilio and Jabir will be organizing the colloquia again. The presentations last year ranged from work that was far along to work that was getting started; presentations that stuck close to a prepared text to those that were very informal; some that were all talk to some that had lots of PowerPoint. The goal is for the people in the departments to inform the rest of the floor about what they're doing, and to receive useful feedback.

Spring 2011 Schedule:
  • Tuesday, Feb. 15, 12:30: Celia Weiss Bambara. "When Is It a Revolution? African Contemporary Dance and the New Generation of Traditions."
  • Monday, March 14, 12:10: Qiana Cryer. "Exploring the History of Lynching in the U.S.: How Did Social Work Respond? Implications for Social Work with African American Males."
  • Thursday, April 14, 12:30: Jennifer Brier and Anne Parsons. "Out in Chicago: Displaying GLBT History at the Chicago History Museum.”
Fall 2010 Schedule:
  • Monday, October 11: Ginger Costello, “’My Beautiful Ideal’: Sexuality in Emma Goldman’s Anarchism”
  • Monday, November 1: Zach Lamm, “’We’re Both Basically Straight’: Identification, Heterosexuality, and Narratives of Consent in Gay Male Online Pornography”
  • Monday, November 29: Nick Brown, “Why Hegel?: How His Early Work Offers Some Essential Lessons for the Contemporary Left”
Please send an RSVP by the Friday before the talk to Professor D'Emilio - demilioj [at] aol [dot] com or Professor Jabir - jjabir [at] uic [dot] edu.


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