GWS Associated Faculty

Our associated faculty pursue GWS scholarship in their areas of expertise and hold academic appointments across campus. They bring a wealth of knowledge and conversation to our interdisciplinary program.

In the classroom, GWS students enjoy exposure to faculty from many UIC colleges and departments through cross-listed and special topics courses. In addition, these affiliated faculty members can advise students about pursuing scholarship concerning gender and sexuality in their home disciplines.

Maryann Albrecht, Management
Isaac Balbus, Political Science
Natasha Barnes, African American Studies
Kevin Barnhurst, Communication
Cynthia Blair, African-American Studies & History
Carmel Chiswick, Economics
Sharon Collins, Sociology
Virginia Costello, English
Madhu Dubey, English
Anne Wescott Eaton, Philosophy
Nanette Elster, Public Health
Edna Erez, Criminology, Law and Justice
Ann Feldman, English
Roberta Feldman, Architecture
Lisa Freeman, English
Lisa Frohmann, Criminology, Law and Justice
Rebecca Gordon, Office of Women's Affairs
Sara Hall, Germanic Studies
Rachel Havrelock, Jewish Studies and English
Laura Hostetler, History
Tonda Hughes, Nursing
Janise Hurtig, PRAIRIE Group, College of Education
Heather Imrie, Office of Women's Studies
Michele Kelley, Public Health
Helga Kraft, Germanic Studies
Evelyn Lehrer, Economics
Susan Levine, History
Elizabeth Loentz, Germanic Studies
Dagmar Lorenz, Germanic Studies
Kevin Lyles, Political Science
Silvia Malagrino, Art & Design
Christine Martin, Criminology, Law and Justice
Naomi Morris, Community Health Sciences
Guity Nashat, History
Patricia O'Brien, Social Work
Amalia Pallares, Political Science & Latin American and Latino Studies
Robin Petrovic, English
Jennifer Rupert, English
Margarita Saona, Spanish, French, Italian & Portuguese
Susan Sensemann, Art & Design
Astrida Orle Tantillo, History and Germanic Studies
Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska, History