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Mission Statement

In the Achieving Preschool Language and Literacy Excellence (APLLE) and Instructional Model Program for All Children and Teachers (IMPACT) Early Reading First projects, UIC is partnering with the Archdiocese of Chicago Schools to create, in twelve urban preschool classrooms, centers of early literacy excellence. Through intensive professional development and coaching, the projects are focusing on improving instruction and classroom environments. We rely heavily on scientifically-based research practices in language, cognition and early literacy; an on-site coaching model; and an innovative and nationally recognized approach to project evaluation as the foundation for implementing a comprehensive preschool curriculum and providing extensive staff development.

The collaborations center on accomplishing three goals:

  • Equip children to acquire the oral language, critical thinking, and early literacy skills needed for successfully developing later reading skills.
  • Design language and print rich environments of the highest quality that will provide children with meaningful cognitive learning experiences.
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of school-based educational professionals so that instructional practices consistent with scientifically-based reading research increase.

The Opening the World to Learning (OWL) curriculum was selected as the core program because it has an exceptionally strong emphasis on language and literacy, specifically targeting the critical areas of oral language, phonological awareness, print awareness, and alphabetic knowledge. The curriculum introduces daily activities, routines, and instructional procedures in sequences that reflect scientifically based reading research and are consistent with the developmental needs and interest of preschoolers.

To view the effects of CCL-ERF and APLLE on children’s early language and literacy, click here. Results from IMPACT will be available in the summer of 2010, the end of its first year of implementation.

Principal Investigators – William Teale, Jeffri Brookfield, Maureen Meehan

Literacy Coaches – Laura Abbruzzesse, Alishia Atkins, Charlise Berkel, Kenneth Brown, Lorenza DiNatale, Lydia Dorynek, Gabrielle Nidus

Instructional Support Teachers – Mia Baldo, Marcia Brown, Lee Brummell, Noël Norris, Elizabeth Toldeo

Research Assistants – Leigh Crawford, Ali Cullerton, Sherri Feagins, Lauren Hogel, Jennifer Kushto, Kathleen Paciga, Alicia Wyche

Technology Manager – Raja Krishnan

External Evaluators – Liz DeStefano (UIUC), Tania Rempert (UIUC)




For more information on our projects, or to volunteer your assistance in the UIC-ERF efforts,
please contact the project director William Teale at wteale@uic.edu.

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