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Parent & Child Activities

There are many activities that can be done everyday to create opportunities for your child to learn. For more ideas on how to turn everyday tasks into fun learning activities, read more here! Available in English, Spanish, Polish, and Chinese.


Would you like to hear James Earl Jones, Hector Elizondo, or other famous actors read children’s picture books? There are also links to story activities you can do together after listening to the story. Visit Storyline Online and you and your child will be in for a treat.


Read and listen to folk tales, fairy tales, nursery rhymes fables and more!


Do you ever get stuck inside on a rainy day or have you taken your family to the park so many times they seem to get bored? The fun family education website connects you to thousands of fun educational activities to enjoy whether you are getting cabin fever, love being outdoors but have run out of fun activities or just want to try something new.


Creating a science project, finding fun ways to integrate math into your child’s life, exploring ways to learn about your community or just looking for an exciting way to incorporate learning into your child’s day is easier than you might expect. Education.com lets you choose the subject matter you are interested in then provides several activities for you to do with your family.









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