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Partnership Schools

A limited number of Chicago public elementary and high schools that would most benefit from attracting and keeping excellent new teachers are invited to participate in ST2. These schools are asked to begin the process of attracting new teachers with the following commitments:

  • Host preservice (student) Teachers from the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Provide cooperating teachers and mentors for the preservice teachers and first year teachers in the building
  • Alott time for cooperating teachers and mentor teachers for scheduling classroom visits and meetings

In return, the ST2 partners will provide the following:

  • Consultants and professional developers who can help imrove mentor practices
  • Field instruction for preservice teachers that would enrich their teaching practices
  • Compensation for cooperating teachers and mentors for their time

The result is a strong partnership supporting teacher development in our participating schools.

The ST2 Program currently has nine schools participating in the project. The Program partners with six elementary schools, which include, Faraday, Hay, Howland, Melody, South Loop, and Webster and three high schools, Crane, Juarez, and Manley. Majority of these partnership schools are 100% African American, with the exception of one, which is mostly of Latino descent. All of our schools are located within eight miles (click to view schools) of the University of Illinois at Chicago on Chicago's near West side. These schools are hard-to-staff, low income and low achieving schools.

Within the partnership schools there are a number of different program participants that make up our partnership with Chicago Public Schools. On the pre-service side there are Field Instructors, Cooperating Teachers and Student Teachers(pre-service teachers). On the in-service side there are Lead Mentors, GOLDEN Mentors and Fisrt-Year Teachers. The school pricipal oversees all the ST2 activities happening in their buildings. # of program participants.jpg


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