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ST2 focuses its efforts on three essential activities to support pre-service teachers and first- and second-year teachers. These activities will be carried out by University of Illinois at Chicago clinical and academic faculty and Chicago Public Schools GOLDEN Teacher Program staff and other school personnel. The participating schools will become meeting grounds on which professionals from both of these institutions will collaborate on teacher support.

Paired Visits

These paired visits are formal observations and debriefings for pre-service teachers and first-year teachers. The field instructor (for the pre-service teacher) or GOLDEN mentor (for the first-year teacher) is joined by a field consultant with expertise in aspects of teaching that are important for the urban teacher. Paired visits help the field instructor or mentor to develop a richer vision of what to look for and how to comment on it in mentoring. The field instructor and field consultant share information by paired conversations after observing the teacher candidate and fill out an observation form focusing on either content, culture and community or technology. observation forms

Professional Learning Communities

Meetings of field instructors, GOLDEN mentors, cooperating teachers, and others who support pre-service teachers and first- and second-year teachers in which they can reflect on their experiences and support and learn from each other. They may observe videotapes of lessons, or discuss issues of common interest. The group members will help set the agenda and provide the content of the meetings. Initially, ST2 staff will facilitate the meetings.

Targeted Professional Development

Field instructors, GOLDEN mentors, cooperating teachers and others who support pre-service teachers and first- and second-year teachers will take part in workshops on topics pertinent to supporting teaching in urban schools. ST2 staff will help identify topics and will arrange for expert workshop presenters to provide the learning opportunities.


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