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Supporting Teachers, Supporting Teaching ST2 is a federally funded USDOE Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant and a major collaboration between the University of Illinois at Chicago and Chicago Public Schools, aimed at improving support for pre-service and beginning teachers so they can teach successfully and confidently in urban schools.

In ST2, the pre-service teachers’ field instructors, and beginning teachers’mentors, will take part in activities to develop their understanding of the following areas that are crucial to urban teachers:

  • Content knowledge
  • Culture and community
  • Technology in the classroom

In the course of the four-year project, formative evaluations will be conducted as input to continuous improvement of the teacher support process. Gradually, improved support for pre-service and beginning teachers will be made available throughout Chicago Public Schools as a result of the project. At the same time, teacher preparation at the University of Illinois at Chicago will be strengthened by incorporating insights from Chicago Public Schools partners and from shared experience in the schools.


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