A Message from the Chancellor


Dear Colleagues,

In December of 2012, President Easter initiated a broad, multifaceted assessment and review of University Administration (UA) organization and functions. The purpose of the review was to make sure the UA organizational structure and allocation of resources are appropriate, and that the support UA provides meets the needs of the campuses and their academic units. The UA Review process has been completed, and we are now in early stages of implementing many of the recommendations.

Beginning in early 2013, seven broadly representative teams conducted a careful review of UA units. The teams submitted draft reports with findings and recommendations to a steering committee. The units subject to the review responded to the draft reports, and the review teams made any needed modifications before submitting their final reports to the steering committee.

The final reports were reviewed by the steering team, and summary findings and recommendations were forwarded to Vice President for Academic Affairs Christophe Pierre. He and an advisory committee composed of the vice president/chief financial officer, the three campuses’ provosts, and University Senates Conference member Professor Nicolas Burbules reviewed the findings and recommendations.

This advisory committee report contained 47 final recommendations and was forwarded to the president for decisions and implementation. The report is online at:


Over the past several months, President Easter met with the other chancellors and me to seek our advice on final decisions. The president also consulted with members of the Board of Trustees. In the coming weeks and months, UA will be implementing most of the recommendations contained in the advisory committee report.

Among the many changes that have been or will be implemented are:

--a complete shift in responsibility for online courses to the three campuses

--a shift of several other functions to campus authority, including the President's Award Program and some IT and human resources services

--a revision in the role and title of the Vice President for Research

President Easter said to the news media, "Any organization that functions well takes time periodically to review itself in a serious way. I think we've done that, and we've done it in a way that allowed those who are users of our services to participate."

For my part, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you -- and there are many -- who contributed your time and insights to this very thoughtful and collaborative process. I look forward to seeing the enhancements that full implementation will bring.


Paula Allen-Meares
John Corbally Presidential Professor