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Each person at UIC impacts the relationships we build with students, faculty, alumni, staff and visitors. The WOW Award was established in 2005 by the UIC Alumni Relations Council to recognize those who make an exceptional effort to build these relationships. In 2007, the program added the INSPIRE Award to recognize individuals who have consistently and over long periods of time based their every action on UIC's Core Values. An annual UIC Luminary award is also given to the INSPIRE candidate who represents the pinnacle of service to the campus and its constituents.

Give a WOW Award

All members of the UIC community can now present a WOW award to faculty, staff and students who go above the call of duty -- no need to submit a nomination or wait for the WOW Patrol. Students and employees who recognize someone with an award can print the certificate (PDF), then put their own spin on a celebratory presentation. WOW Award presenters should send an email to Arlene Norsym, vice president of the U of I Alumni Association and UIC associate chancellor for alumni relations, with the name of the student or employee honored and the date of the WOW presentation. Presenters are also encouraged to post photos of award presentations to the UIC Facebook page.

Recognize a UIC employee with a WOW Certificate (PDF download)

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WOW and INSPIRE Award Recipients

WOW Award Criteria


The INSPIRE award is a component of the WOW Award program, and was first presented in the spring of 2007. It recognizes long-term, consistent, and outstanding professional service to the UIC community.

UIC's Core Values

Respecting the dignity and worth of everyone by maintaining the highest degree of ethical and moral conduct.

Supporting an environment that fosters individual and community growth.

Responding courteously to the needs of the people we serve and striving to exceed their expectations.

Taking pride in ourselves and in the work we do.

Supporting the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Treating every individual with respect as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are committed to diversity.

Striving for excellence in all that we do.

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