Chancellor Message to Faculty

Opportunities for UIC community

Dear Colleagues,

As the fall semester is now well underway, I write to bring to your attention some of the many initiatives available to our community. From various research grant opportunities, to lectures and events featuring cultural, political, and intellectual leaders from across the world, I urge you to take advantage of these outstanding opportunities. You may learn more about each and all of the programs by clicking the link provided below. I also remind you to take a few minutes from your busy schedules to view the most recent State of the Campus presentations so that you are informed on the most current strategic thinking taking place on the UIC campus. You will also find links to the presentations below.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you do to maintain and promote the excellence of this extraordinary teaching, learning and research institution.

Paula Allen-Meares
John Corbally Presidential Professor

  1. Chancellor's Discovery Fund for Multidisciplinary Pilot Research Projects
  2. Chancellor's Supplemental Graduate Fellowship Program
  3. Global Learning Certificate Program
  4. UIC National Academies Committee Initiative and UIC Faculty Awards Website
  5. Chancellor's Lecture and Event Series
  6. Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Awards
  7. Chancellor's Cluster Initiative to Increase Diversity and the Interdisciplinary Culture at UIC
  8. Chancellor's Innovation Fund
  9. Chancellor's Initiative in the Humanities

Links to the State of the Campus Videos