Chancellor Message to Campus

Diversity -- Chancellor's Status Committees

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

UIC is among the nation's most diverse universities. Diversity is a strength that contributes to the success of our community, and institutional research. We consider diversity to be such an essential component of our culture that we have created a permanent Office of Diversity to coordinate and enhance the many existing efforts on campus. The Interim Executive Director of the Office of Diversity, an office that reports jointly to the Chancellor and Provost, is Dr. Charu Thakral.

As part of our efforts to promote and support our diverse community of faculty, students, and staff, UIC established the Chancellor's Status Committees, which are administered by UIC's Office of Diversity. Every year, faculty, staff, and students are nominated by existing committee members and appointed annually by the Chancellor. Their participation reflects the importance of service to the university and the diversity of our campus. Involvement in Status Committee meetings and events is open to the entire UIC community and supported by the Chancellor, and thereby considered approved for employee participation. I encourage you to call upon the Status Committees to seek their assistance or take part in their efforts in the areas described below. You can also consult their websites for greater detail on activities, events and subcommittees. I know that they will welcome your involvement.

Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans (CCSAA)

Chair 2013-2014:
Jessica Canlas | | (312) 996-3853
CCSAA is dedicated to promoting the academic, social, cultural and professional welfare of UIC's Asian American faculty, staff, and students. CCSAA addresses and makes recommendations to the chancellor regarding issues related to employment practices, climate, representation, recruitment, and retention issues that are of concern to the Asian American campus community. The committee is dedicated to working collaboratively with diverse communities on campus and building relationships with off campus Asian American community organizations.

Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Blacks (CCSB)

Chair 2013-2014:
Johara Hassan | | (312) 996-8767
CCSB serves as an advisory body on matters pertaining to the academic, professional, and social aspects of African and African American life at UIC. CCSB addresses issues relating to campus governance, employment practices, public relations, student affairs, and other issues that affect the well being of Blacks on campus. The committee works collaboratively with UIC's diverse community.

Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Latinos (CCSL)

Co-chairs 2013-2014:
Aixa Alfonso | | (312) 355-0318
Lorena Garcia | | (312) 413-3759
Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Latinos (CCSL) CCSL was established to promote the development of educational, professional, and career opportunities among UIC Latinos.
The committee addresses issues of general concern to Latinos at UIC.

Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer People and Allies (CCSLGBTQPA)

Co-chairs 2013-2014:
Patricia O'Brien | | (312) 996-7885
Philip Vasquez | | (312) 996-3100
The mission of CCSLGBTQPA is to provide leadership on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer people and allies issues the UIC community. This includes addressing needs of faculty, staff, students and alumni of diverse sexual orientations. The goal is to enhance a supportive environment, which will foster full participation by all members of the university's communities in teaching, public service, and research.

Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities (CCSPD)

Co-chairs 2013-2014:
Carol Gill | | (312) 355-0550
Mark Goedert | | (312) 413-9787
The mission of CCSPD is to promote empowerment and inclusion of faculty, staff, and students with disabilities at UIC. CCSPD recognizes that people with disabilities are a diverse group, including individuals with visible and non-visible disabilities. This mission is motivated by our goal to integrate all members of this diverse community into every aspect of campus life.

Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women (CCSW)

Co-chairs 2013-2014:
Juanita McCary | | (312) 996-9251
Karen Peters | | (312) 413-4944
CCSW works to improve the status of women at UIC with a primary objective to advise and make recommendations to the Chancellor regarding attitudes, policies, and procedures that affect women faculty, staff and students. The committee will undertake projects and will also recommend changes in campus structures, policies and programs as appropriate.

I extend my gratitude on behalf of the entire campus community for all your efforts to promote, support, and enhance the rich diversity that defines UIC.


Paula Allen-Meares
Chancellor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Vice President, University of Illinois
John Corbally Presidential Professor