Chancellor Message to Campus

Assessment of University Administration (UA)
organization and functions

Dear Colleagues,

President Easter has begun a broad, multifaceted assessment and review of many aspects of University Administration (UA) organization and functions to lead us into a future likely to be characterized by increasing challenges and constrained resources.

At the November meeting of the Board of Trustees, President Easter announced that the university would undertake a thorough evaluation of UA units to make sure the organizational structure and allocation of resources are appropriate and that the business and support services UA provides are tailored to the academic needs of the university as it pursues its core missions of teaching, research, service and public engagement and economic development. He also stated that the review should reinforce the understanding that UA units exist primarily to provide support and services to the campuses and their academic units.

President Easter has formed seven working teams of six members each, composed of deans, vice chancellors, faculty, and staff from all three campuses and UA, and under the supervision of Bill Adams, Senior Advisor to the President. The teams will consult the staffs of UA units, as well as their university and external clients, to determine each unit's effectiveness and to devise improvements to optimize its performance. The teams will analyze each unit's scope of activities, financial and staff resources, reporting structure, and outsourcing opportunities. They will also compare best practices at other institutions.

The review is scheduled to be completed by the late spring of 2013 with implementation of approved recommendations in the summer of 2013, including a formal process for annual review of each unit's budget and performance.

I am confident that the team members from our UIC community will make key contributions, and I ask you to join me in thanking them in advance for their service. They are as follows:

The team reviewing Administrative Information Technology Services, Human Resources, and the Office of University Equal Opportunity will be chaired by Astrida Tantillo, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and includes Caryn Bills, Director of the Office for Access and Equity.

The team reviewing University Counsel, Labor Relations, University Audits, Risk Management, and the University Ethics Office will be chaired by Mitra Dutta, Vice Chancellor for Research, and include Richard Alpern, LAS Associate Dean for Administration, and Patricia O'Brien, Associate Professor, Jane Addams College of Social Work.

The team reviewing Governmental Relations and University Relations includes Mark Donovan, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, and Albert Schorsch, Associate Dean of the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs.

The team reviewing the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Office of Planning and Budgeting includes Jerry Bauman, Dean of the College of Pharmacy.

The team reviewing the Office of the Vice President for Research includes Demetra John, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs in the College of Applied Health Sciences, and Michael Mikhail, Dean of the College of Business Administration.

The team reviewing the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance and CFO, University Accounting and Financial Reporting, Treasury Operations/Capital Finance, the University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services, and Utilities includes Frank Goldberg, Vice Provost for Resource Planning and Management.

The team reviewing the Office of Business and Financial Services will be chaired by Michael Pagano, Dean of the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, and include Todd Van Neck, Associate Dean for Administration in the College of Medicine. (This team and the preceding one will work together as necessary, due to the close relationship of the areas they are reviewing.)

I will keep you informed of other presidential undertakings as they emerge.

Paula Allen-Meares
Vice President of the University of Illinois
Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago
John Corbally Presidential Professor