Chancellor Message 1/20/10

Message to Campus
RE voluntary pay reduction

Dear Colleagues,

I thank you for your constructive responses to President Ikenberry’s letter of January 5 to the University, and my subsequent letter to the campus, announcing furloughs and other difficult measures being taken to cope with the growing cash crisis facing the University of Illinois as a result of the delay in payment of our state appropriation.

Based on suggestions received from many of you since the announcement, I am writing today to inform you that, as an alternative to furloughs, faculty and academic professionals subject to furloughs may opt to take a voluntary and temporary salary reduction in lieu of furloughs if they so wish. The manner and amount of the salary reduction is the same under both options. Those opting for the voluntary pay reduction program will not be subject to the work hour restrictions or time keeping requirements associated with furloughs. Those who choose not to elect the voluntary salary reduction option will, of course, be subject to the furlough program.

Those who wish voluntarily to elect to take a temporary salary reduction in lieu of furloughs must complete an authorization on NESSIE between January 26 and February 8, 2010. Please consult the following website on furlough options for more complete information, including the possible impact on SURS contributions, and instructions regarding both the mandatory furlough program and the voluntary pay reduction program.

Again, I thank you for your cooperation and understanding and reaffirm my profound appreciation for all you do to make UIC the wonderful treasure we know it to be. With your help and commitment we will be even stronger in the years ahead.


Paula Allen-Meares