Chancellor Message 2/4/11

Message to Campus
RE Gratitude to staff dedication during blizzard

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

I write today to convey our deep gratitude to Mark Donovan, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, for the heroic efforts to keep UIC functional over the past few days. The recent blizzard has tentatively entered the record books as the third largest since recording began. In particular I want to recognize Pablo Acevedo, Rich Anderson, Andy Barrett and Clarence Bridges, who remained on campus the entire night during the worst of the blizzard. I want to thank the Health and Safety staff, the grounds crew who worked in treacherous conditions, the drivers and janitorial staff, the parking assistants who were there to jump-start stranded cars, the engineers and electricians and all other members of Mark's team who contributed to keeping UIC safe and secure. I join the campus community in saluting the commitment and dedication of our Facilities Management staff.

To the rest of the UIC community I extend my deep respect and gratitude for coming together during these trying circumstances. We are indeed one extended family and we took care of each other as any family would.