Chancellor Message to Campus

UIC's Commitment to Diversity

Dear faculty, students and staff,

One of our campus's defining attributes, and a source of great pride to me personally, is its diversity. UIC is fully committed to maintaining a community that values every individual's inherent worth and dignity. It is our collective responsibility to support UIC's commitment to ensuring a safe environment, free of discrimination and harassment in all of its forms.

Recently someone vandalized a flyer outside one of our cultural centers, announcing an event concerning undocumented students, with hate speech. While this was an isolated incident, I want to emphasize that acts of hatred toward any group will not be tolerated on our campus.

Please refer to UIC's non-discrimination statement (PDF). It embodies many of the values essential for a learning community and especially one with our historic commitment to diversity in all of its forms. For those who have not read it previously, I encourage you to do so now. Thanks to all of you as we continue to support the security, well-being and dignity of all of our students, faculty and staff.


Paula Allen-Meares
Chancellor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Vice President, University of Illinois
John Corbally Presidential Professor