Chancellor Message 8/20/10

Message to Campus
RE SEIU Strike Cancelled

Dear Colleagues,

Following intensive negotiations yesterday and today, the parties reached tentative agreements on key deal points for a successor to the collective bargaining contracts between SEIU and the University for clerical, technical and service employees at UIC that expired in August 2009. However, details still need to be worked out, and no information concerning the final settlements will be released until the entire contracts are fully resolved through the regular negotiation process. As a result, SEIU's notification of a strike and plans for concerted activities at UIC commencing August 22, 2010 are cancelled and the parties intend to complete negotiations on outstanding issues and submit the final agreements for ratification as soon as possible.

Employees in the SEIU bargaining units will be expected to report to work as usual on Monday August 23, 2010.


Paula Allen-Meares