Chancellor Message 8/5/10

Message to Faculty
RE Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Awards

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce a new initiative to support undergraduate and faculty research at UIC, the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Awards. This pilot program is aimed at increasing the undergraduate research experience and awareness of Federal Work Study as an option for paying undergraduate research assistants. Under this new campus program, 40 Federal Work Study eligible students will be employed as research assistants at no cost to faculty or departments. My office will cover the campus portion, currently 25%, of the Federal Work Study award.

Faculty members who employ a student also registered for credit for the research will receive $300 each semester to support their research program. The initiative is generously funded by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and our college Deans.

This program is supported by the simultaneous launch of the Undergraduate Research Experience (URE), by the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs. The URE will provide the campus with a new website ( to facilitate matching students with faculty mentors across campus. Faculty who would like to participate in the Chancellorís Undergraduate Research Awards program will need to post a research profile on the URE website. Posting a research profile on this website is the first step toward finding a student match for this award program, and key to facilitating all new undergraduate/faculty research relationships.

If you are interested in applying for the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Awards program, I urge you to complete your profile at the URE website. On August 18, 2010, I will announce my program to Federal Work Study-eligible students, and they will start searching the URE website to find faculty who are interested in hiring them for this program. They will be instructed to email you directly. When you have found the right student match, please complete and forward the Faculty Application to Bette L. Bottoms, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs (VPUA). Bette has graciously agreed to oversee the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Awards program. Detailed instructions are available online. Her office will start accepting applications immediately and will make awards on a rolling basis, continuing to accept applications until all slots are filled.

Thank you for sharing my enthusiasm in supporting undergraduate research and for all you do for UIC.


Paula Allen-Meares