Chancellor's Lecture & Event Series

Presentation to UIC Senate
UIC Relationship to the CIC
Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares


Committee on Institutional Cooperation History

  • The CIC was established in 1958 by the Big Ten Presidents as the athletic league’s academic counterpart. 
  • The University of Chicago was a charter member of the Big Ten, and although no longer a Big Ten member in 1958, was invited to join CIC, and did so.
  • When Penn State was admitted to the Big Ten in 1990, it was also invited to join CIC. 
  • With the exception of UIC, all members of CIC are members of the Big Ten athletic conference and the AAU.

University of Illinois – CIC History

  • In 1979 the Vice President for Academic Affairs served as the University of Illinois representative to the Big Ten.  The President represented the University of Illinois on the Council of Ten (the Big Ten).
  • In 1982 the issue of UIUC representation at the CIC table arose. Hence the shift in CIC representation from the University of Illinois VPAA to the Urbana VCAA.
  • In 1989, the President of the University of Illinois requested that UIC be considered a full CIC member and strongly encouraged the addition of the UIC provost. The members declined to add UIC as a member university, but agreed to invite the UIC Provost to sit as a guest.

Why the change?  Why revoke UIC’s “guest” status?

  • The University of Nebraska’s entry into the Big Ten Athletic Conference placed the issue of Nebraska’s admission to the CIC on the table.
  • Nebraska asked to incorporate its other campuses outside of Lincoln which led to a broader discussion of the composition of the CIC.
  • Over the years, a question that repeatedly was asked: should IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) be given “guest” status? How about Wisconsin-Milwaukee? Why only UIC?
  • Dialogue led to a decision to return to a “members-only” definition of the CIC, excluding UIC as guest.

Next Steps…

  • Revert our University of Illinois representation to the Council of Ten back to the President and Vice President for Academic Affairs?
  • Continue efforts to secure the practical benefits of CIC membership, particularly purchasing and licensing leverage opportunities, information technology collaborations, and academic curricular partnerships.
  • The President and I will continue our ongoing discussions with the CIC leadership to find a way to continue to involve UIC in the CIC.