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Christophe Pierre, Robert Rich, Paula Allen-Meares, Craig Bazzani, Melissa Harris-PerryLecture Put Spotlight on Inequities

Education is the key to "remaking the social contract," said professor and political commentator Melissa Harris-Perry to a packed house for the 2012 Bazzani Lecture on Public Affairs.

Harris-Perry, professor of political science at Tulane University and a regular MSNBC contributor who recently became host of a weekend show on the network, discussed why, in an election year, in the midst of a severe recession, inequality is more important than ever.

"Racism and poverty undermine our basic social contract" she said as she discussed gaps in wealth, health and education between blacks and whites. more > >

Pictured (L-R): Christophe Pierre, University of Illinois vice president for academic affairs, Robert Rich, director, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares, Craig S. Bazzani, former University of Illinois vice president for administration and comptroller, speaker Melissa Harris-Perry.

"The Value of Diversity in a Complex World"

Scott Page, Paula Allen-Meares, William WaldenAs she introduced University of Michigan professor Scott Page for the Chancellor's Lecture on diversity, Allen-Meares noted that UIC's 27,500 students have no racial or ethnic majority. "The university is a microcosm of what the nation is becoming," she said.

Page's talk highlighted the power of diversity with examples of diverse groups performing better in problem solving situations than more homogeneous groups. more > >

Pictured (L-R): Univeristy of Michigan professor Scott Page, Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares, and William Walden, special assistant to the provost for diversity.

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Chancellor, Sparky and UI President Honor Military

Virginia Hogan, Michael Hogan, Sparky, Paula Allen-Meares, Tony Shu, Jose SantillanSparky wore his camouflage for the UIC Flames Men's Basketball game on February 23 played in honor of our military.

Joining Sparky for the festivites at UIC Military Night were: (L-R) Virginia Hogan, UI President Michael Hogan, UIC Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares, Tony Shu, President, Chinatown Chamber, and UIF Board member Jose Santillan.

Universities and Cities: Place-Based Anchors of City Development and Individual Accomplishment

written by Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares on HuffPost Education

As a public institution of higher learning, embedded deeply into our home city Chicago, we bring a full range of research, training and expertise to bear on complex and vexing urban problems, and by doing so better the lives of our fellow citizens. That is my premise: Universities in cities are an excellent investment.

We are one of the key place-based institutions in Chicago. The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) currently supports many excellent programs whose purpose is engagement within our city: the Great Cities Institute, Neighborhood Initiative, the UIC Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion, and the Principal mentoring programs targeted specifically for leadership in Chicago Public Schools. We must, however, remain alert to the constant challenges faced by cities, and continue to improve upon the relationships between our students in the classroom, in the neighborhoods and the larger communities of the city and its region.

Read more of the Chancellor's post at HuffPost Education

UIC Spirit Week, Feb. 20-25

It's my pleasure again this year to bring your attention to UIC Spirit Week, February 20-25.

This year, as we mark the 30th anniversary of the union of the east and west campuses to create the University of Illinois at Chicago, we have much to celebrate. During Spirit Week, UIC features many events, including two basketball games, contests, speakers and philanthropic efforts, available to all students, staff, faculty and alumni. We also want to recognize our Student Alumni Ambassadors and all the people whose efforts have made Spirit Week a signature annual event on our campus.

The UIC community celebrates Spirit Week during basketball season, and I urge you to come out and cheer on the Flames!

Full listing and details for UIC Spirit Week 2012.


Paula Allen-Meares

IGPA Pension Forum, March 6

I write to inform you that IGPA will be hosting a pension forum the week of March 5th at each of the 3 campuses, with the Chicago forum tentatively scheduled for March 6th. Additional details on the time and location will be forth coming. I ask that you join me in sharing information about this forum to interested faculty and staff.

Additionally, for your information is IGPA's Pension Reform Proposal which suggests a new hybrid retirement system for employees of public colleges and universities that would be partially funded by additional contributions from workers and the universities that employ them. The complete report and IGPA's research on pension can be found online.

Paula Allen-Meares

Celebrating Four Years of Being Green at UIC

Cindy Klein-Banai, Mark Donovan, Dr. Manohar Kulkami, Paula Allen-MearesThe Office of Sustainability thanked the UIC community for its efforts to make the university a more environmentally friendly place and celebrate its accomplishments at a four-year anniversary event.

Attendees learned about UIC's successes in earning recognition for the campus efforts in recycling, energy efficiency upgrades, fuel savings, pollution and waste reduction. During the celebration, Dr. Manohar Kulkami, Director of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, presented Chancellor Allen-Meares and Mark Donovan, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services with the Governor's Sustainability Award for 2011. Read more about UIC's green initiatives.

Pictured (L-R): Cindy Klein-Banai, Associate Chancellor for Sustainability; Mark Donovan, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services; Dr. Manohar Kulkarni, Director of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center; and Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares.

Bing LiuProfessor featured on
New York Times front page

Computer Science Professor Bing Liu was featured in a New York Times front-page article on opinion spam, or fake online reviews. "More people are depending on reviews for what to buy and where to go, so the incentives for faking are getting bigger. It's a very cheap way of marketing," he said.

Read the New York Times article

Read more news about Professor Bing Liu

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Chancellor Allen-Meares and others from UIC attended the 44th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. Remembrance & Celebration Dinner presented by The Illinois Commisssion on Diversity and Human Relations. One of the featured speakers at the event was University of Illinois President Michael Hogan.

Katherine Laing, Paula Allen-Meares, Barbara Henley, Kendal Parker, Sharice Hill, Caroline Swinney, Jorge GirottiPictured:
Front: Katherine Laing, executive director, Office of Governmental Relations; Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares; Barbara Henley, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
Back: Kendal Parker, director, CHANCE program; Sharice Hill, student; Caroline Swinney, director, Community Relations; Jorge Girotti, associate dean and director, Admissions, Special Curricular Programs, College of Medicine and director, Hispanic Center of Excellence.

Chancellor celebrates holidays with UIC Police

Chancellor Allen-Meares and members of the UIC Police department

Pictured: Chancellor Allen-Meares and members of the UIC Police department at the recent UIC Police holiday luncheon.

Olga CamargoAlumna named to
Chicago Plan Commission

Olga Camargo (pictured, right), senior vice president at Mesirow Financial, was appointed to the Chicago Plan Commission by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The 22-member commission reviews proposals for development and Tax Increment Financing Districts, sale and acquisition of public land and certain long-range community plans.

Camargo earned a bachelor's degree in marketing and a master's degree in English from UIC. She was the College of Business Adminstration's 2011 commencement speaker.

Secretary of State presents special collegiate plates

Chancellor Allen-Meares, President Michael Hogan and Secretary of State Jesse WhiteIllinois Secretary of State Jesse White accompanied his office's mobile unit during one of its frequent visits to the campus to promote the collegiate license plate program. "Students, faculty, and staff can show their pride in their institution by displaying UIC collegiate license plates on their vehicle," said White.

The collegiate license plate program provides special recognition for Illinois colleges and universities and helps fund financial aid for Illinois college students.

Pictured: Secretary of State Jesse White (right) presents specialty license plates for each of the three University of Illinois campuses to President Hogan (center) and Chancellor Allen-Meares.

Peace for now and in the new yearA Holiday Message


For now and in the new year.

Paula Allen-Meares

Vice President of the University of Illinois
Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago
John Corbally Presidential Professor

Mayor Rahm Emanuel addressing the pressUIC Site to Welcome Nobel Peace Prize Winners

UIC will be the setting for the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates next spring, the first time the summit has been held in the U.S., Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Thursday at a press conference at Jane Addams Hull-House Museum.

“I cannot overstate the significance and honor we share, to welcome the world’s leading proponents of human rights and peace among all peoples to Chicago and to the UIC campus,” said Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares after the press conference. 

With its theme, “Speak Up, Speak Out for Freedom and Rights,” the summit April 23-25 at the UIC Forum will emphasize youth involvement by partnering with the Chicago Public Schools and area universities.

Paula Allen-Meares and UIC student ambassadors“We look forward to integrating this prestigious occasion with the intellectual and academic missions at UIC,” Allen-Meares said.

more > >

Pictured top: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Pictured bottom: Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares and UIC student ambassadors.

Onintze Pikatza and Paula Allen-MearesEmployee Recognition Month

Onintze Zenarutzabeitia Pikatza (pictured with Paula Allen-Meares), Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services, was one of the many UIC Award of Merit recipients recently recognized for sustained excellence in performance and commitment to her job.

November is employee recognition month at UIC. In addition to acknowledging and thanking all UIC employees for their daily efforts, UIC gives special recognition to the recipients of the Award of Merit, Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence Award, WOW, INSPIRE and Lumniary Awards, and service honorees with 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 years of service.

David OwenChancellor's Lecture Focused on Big-city Sustainability

Staff writer for The New Yorker David Owen compared the lifestyles of big-city residents like New Yorkers, to the residents of suburbs and small towns when he spoke on "Green Metropolis and Urban Sustainability" for the Chancellor's Lecture and Event Series.

He made the point that on an individual basis, New Yorkers drive, pollute, consume and throw away much less than non-city residents. He also described college campuses as being similar to big cities in their use of resources. Compactness is the secret to saving resources, he said. more > >

Cynthia Klein-Banai, Dennis Judd, Paul Brandt-Rauf, David Owen, Paula Allen-MearesPictured (L-R): Cynthia Klein-Banai, associate chancellor for sustainability; Dennis Judd, interim director of Great Cities Institute; Paul Brandt-Rauf, dean of the School of Public Health; David Owen; and Paula Allen-Meares.

College of Nursing Hosts State-wide Leadership Event

John DeNardo, Terri Weaver, Dr. David Satcher, Paula Allen-MearesFormer U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher was the keynote speaker at the 14th Annual Power of Nursing Leadership Event sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing and a host committee of local nursing leaders. "The Power of Nursing Leadership is an opportunity to celebrate the impact of the most outstanding nurse leaders who are shaping healthcare throughout Illinois," Terri Weaver, dean of UIC's College of Nursing said. The event brought together around 500 of the most innovative nurse leaders from academia, health systems, government, entrepreneurship and business throughout Illinois.

Pictured (L-R): John DeNardo, CEO UIC Healthcare System; Terri Weaver, dean of College of Nursing; David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General; Paula Allen-Meares.

Chancellor Meets with Nursing External Advisory Board

Christine Schwartz; Terri E.  Weaver, Dean; Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor; Suzanne L. Feetham; Janet A. Deatrick. Back Row, L-R: Joan Syer-Bailar, Sabina Dambrauskas Pictured: Front Row, L-R: Christine Schwartz; Terri E. Weaver, Dean; Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor; Suzanne L. Feetham; Janet A. Deatrick. Back Row, L-R: Joan Syer-Bailar, Sabina Dambrauskas